Visiting Professors

Paul Wouters Paul Wouters - Visiting Professor of Cybermetrics. CWTS Director at Leiden University. Andrea Scharnhorst Andrea Scharnhorst - Visiting Professor of Cybermetrics and Head of Research at DANS, Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences. Janusz Holyst - Visiting Professor of Physics and Professor of Physics, Group of Physics in Economy and Social Sciences, Center of Excellence for Complex Systems Research, Faculty of Physics, Warsaw University of Technology. Farida Vis - Visiting Professor of Visual Social Media and Visual Social Media Lab director, University of Sheffield, UK.


Joe Aduku - PhD student. Studying altmetrics with Mendeley. Kevan Buckley - Computer scientist researching data mining and artificial intelligence, as well as feature selection for sentiment analysis. Former member of CyberEmotions.
Brian Cugelman Brian Cugelman Honorary Research Fellow and head of AlterSpark. Researching online social marketing. Formerly worked for the UN on campaign web sites. Fereshteh Didegah - Former PhD student, currently working in Canada. Researching citation motivations and highly cited scholars.
Ruth Fairclough - Head of maths at Wolverhampton. Researching personal life statistics events available on the web. Also expert on childhood obesity statistics. David Foster - PhD student (part time) and Lecturer in Primary and Early Years Education, Birmingham University.
Reshmi Gopalakrishna Pillai - PhD student researching sentiment strength expressed in social media content. Kim Holmberg - Honorary Research Fellow and former postdoctoral researcher. Researching information science social web applications. Research associate at the Research Unit for the Sociology of Education at University of Turku, Finland.
Anna Last - PhD student researching the use of altmetrics in the evaluation of the impact of health information. Patrick Kenekayoro, Lecturer at Niger Delta University, Nigeria. Former PhD student. Researching machine learning detection of motivations for linking in academic web pages.
Kayvan Kousha Kayvan Kousha - Head of Wolverhampton Research Evaluation Team and formerly of ACUMEN. Researching web citation analysis. Assistant Professor, Library and Information Science Department, University of Tehran. Jonathan Levitt Jonathan Levitt - Senior Researcher in the under-representation of disabled people and writer on disability.  Currently researching the barriers, due to disability, to disabled people obtaining academic employment and conducting academic research.  Previously conducted research in informetrics.  Led an ESRC-funded project at Loughborough University.
Xuemei Li - Honorary Research Fellow. Business Librarian at York University, Canada. First ever Wolverhampton person with an ISI fast breaking paper and first with an ISI New Hot Paper! Wan Jing Low - Former PhD student. Statistical modelling of webometric and altmetric data.
Amalia Mas-Bleda - Postdoctoral researcher studying altmetrics and social media content analysis. David Minguillo - Postdoc at Chalmers University of Technology, Göteborg. Former PhD student researching the webometrics of science parks.
Ehsan Mohammadi - Researcher at Northwestern University, Feinberg School of Medicine, Chicago, USA, and former PhD student. Mapping the structure of scholarly knowledge through different sources. Eugene Garfield scholarship winner [Persian article]. Georgios Paltoglou Georgios Paltoglou - Former Senior Lecturer in Computing, and postdoctoral research fellow, CyberEmotions project. Information retrieval and sentiment analysis, especially for informal Web text.
Natalia Ponomareva Natalia Ponomareva - Former PhD student researching sentiment transfer - methods for sentiment analysis across different domains (e.g., reviews for different types of product, different document genres). Emma Angus Emma Stuart Postdoctoral researcher studying folksonomy for image retrieval with a particular focus on motivations for tagging in Flickr groups.
David Stuart David Stuart is an independent information professional and honorary research fellow. Researching the web and blogging about home education. Pardeep Sud - member of staff. Researching webometrics, altmetrics and YouTube.
Mike Taylor - part-time PhD student of alternative metrics and Head of Metrics Development at Digital Science. Mike Thelwall - member of staff. Researching link analysis, text analysis, social network sites, sentiment analysis.
David Wilkinson David Wilkinson - Retired member of staff. Researching interdisciplinary linking on the web and academic hyperlink classification. Paul Wilson, pig poo researcher Paul Wilson - member of staff. Statistician researching statistical analyses of skewed data, with a specialism in negative binomial distributions. Expert on runny pig poo.
Jiajia Yan - Former PhD student researching the statistics of medical image data processing.    

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