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Doctoral Forum and External Speakers 2016-17

We hold an approximately monthly (every second Tuesday) series of doctoral forums for Webometrics in Wolverhampton that is aimed mainly at the Wolverhampton cybermetrics team, but is open to related researchers who are would like to participate - please email any member of the team to get an invitation. At each forum, we alll talk briefly about our current or planned research and get feedback from others.

Doctoral forum March 2016

2007/8 Meeting at 12 for lunch outside the library main entrance, then discussions 1-3.

Speaker: Dr. Shiyan Ou, School of Information Management, Nanjing University, China

Abstract: Citation Context Analysis has obtained the interest of many researchers in the field of bibliometrics. To do this, the first step is to extract the context of each citation from a citing paper. We proposed a novel unsupervised approach for the identification of implicit citation sentences without attaching a citation tag. Our approach selects the neighboring sentences around an explicit citation sentence as candidate sentences, calculates the similarity between a candidate sentence and a cited or citing paper, and deems those that are more similar to the cited paper to be implicit citation sentences. To calculate text similarity, we proposed four methods based on the Doc2vec model, the Vector Space Model (VSM) and the LDA model respectively. The experiment results showed that the hybrid method combing the probabilistic TF-IDF weighted VSM with the TF-IDF weighted Doc2vec obtained the best performance. Compared against other supervised methods, our approach does not need any annotated training corpus, and thus can be easy to apply to other domains in theory.