This will be the entry for the statistics application, which should be available by the end of January, 2003 and will give easier access to summary statistics from the data collection..

You can test the prototype at your own risk! Or see the raw data files.

You are welcome to use the data for your own (non-commercial) purposes. If you do, please tell us about it so that we are motivated to continue providing this information.

Brief description of headings in the raw data files

RAE: Research Score of university, if known. This is an estimate of the average quality of the university's research
x, y: Co-ordinates of university, if known, relative to a common coordinate system for the whole country. I think this is missing for all at the moment, but I plan to put this data in at some stage.
Name: the official domain name of the university, excluding the "www." at the start.
Below are 8 different methods of counting links. All the to- links are counts of links TO the university from other universities in the set, all the from- links are counts of links FROM the university to others in the set.
to-f Links to university, page model
to-dir Links to university, directory model
to-dom Links to university, domain model
to-uni Links to university, university model
from-f Links from university, page model
from-dir Links from university, directory model
from-dom Links from university, domain model
from-uni Links from university, university model

The last column is the Total number of full-time equivalent lecturers at the university