About me

I completed my PhD under the supervision of Prof Mike Thelwall, Head of the University of Wolverhampton’s Statistical Cybermetrics Research Group; Prof Phil Dawes, Chair of Marketing at the Wolverhampton Business School; and Dr Jenny Fry with Loughborough University.


Brian Cugelman - Online Social Marketing

Scholars have argued that the Internet is a valuable channel for social marketing, and that practitioners need to rethink how they engage with target audiences online. However, at the time of my research, there was little evidence that online social marketing could significantly influence behaviours, while there were few, if any, evidence-based guidelines to aid online intervention design.

During my doctoral research, I assessed the efficacy of online interventions capable of influencing how people think and act, developed a model to integrate behavioural change research, and examined psychological principles that can improve the the impact of online behavioural change interventions. Below are the primary outcomes of my research.




PhD Thesis


Peer-Reviewed Conference Presentations