Web Impact Audits

Need to prove that your web site is effective?

Need to prove that you are having an impact on the internet?

Want to assess the online impact of your site, brand, idea, book or other document?

Web Impact Audits are certified assessments of the online impact of your web site, brand, idea or document in comparison to those of your competitors.

Web site impact audit (web link audit)

If you order a Web Impact Audit for a web site then the Statistical Cybermetrics Research Group will conduct an audit of your web site and a set of web sites of similar organisations and will produce a report certifying that the impact has been created using state-of-the-art Webometric link analysis. The audit is based upon counting the number of web sites that link to a web site: the more sites that link to you, the higher your web impact.

Once you have ordered a report you have the right to publicise the results as audited web impact figures, for example in your company reports or on your web site. In addition you have the option to keep private the data that we provide you or to make it publicly visible on the web.

Your Web Impact Audit is certified by [Professor Mike Thelwall] and the [Statistical Cybermetrics Research Group] at the University of Wolverhampton, world-leading Web measurement researchers.

Would you like an audit, please fill in the [web impact audit application form]. We do not guarantee that the figures will be favourable to your web site because the data determines the result. We will not change the results to create a misleading impression and do not give a refund if the results are unwelcome. Nevertheless, if you are sure that your site has a high impact, then our report may well prove this. If you are wrong, then your results can be kept confidential and can also be taken as a baseline for improvement in future years.

Brand, idea, book or other document web impact audit (web mention audit)

A brand, idea or document audit is an audited comparison of the number of web sites that mention your brand/idea/document name with a range of competitors. For example, if you have written a book and wish to show that it has created a bigger stir than other similar books then you can request that we compare how many web sites mention all of these. See the example for a range of history books.

[web site impact audit application form] [web mention audit application form]

[example web site audit] [example web mention audit]