Responsible Use Of Technology-Assisted Research Assessment AI report published 12 December 2022.

Thelwall, M. (2021). Word association thematic analysis: A social media text exploration strategy. San Rafael, CA: Morgan & Claypool.

The Alternative Indicators Summer School is now virtual - slides, instructions and data online.

In memory of Judit Bar-Ilan.

Book: La web social como nuevo medio de comunicación y evaluación científica by Amalia Mas-Bleda and Isidro Aguillo

Book: Web indicators for research evaluation: A practical guide.

Book: Altmetrics for Information Professionals – Past, Present and Future by Kim Holmberg

Book: Web Metrics for Library and Information Professionals by David Stuart

Statistical Cybermetrics and Research Evaluation Group

An information science research group focusing on research evaluation, research on research, and social science and digital humanities research methods development, with an emphasis on online methods. We investigate alternative research indicators (altmetrics), scientometrics, the research process, social media text and images, and sentiment analysis. We develop methods and software to support research evaluation and social web research. We support research evalautions by various United Nations organisations, governments and other NGOs, and collaborate in international projects to investigate social web phenomena or research assessment.

We supervise PhDs in altmetrics, scientometrics, and general social science research that includes a significant component of web-based quantitative methods. In the UK research classification system, this is Library and Information Management, but we do not supervise general library-related topics. Non-native English speakers need IELTS 7.0 please because our PhDs mainly involve reading and writing complex documents in English.

Contact Mike Thelwall m.thelwall @ for more information about (self-funded) PhD places, contract research evaluations, or collaboration on research bids. We are a multi-ethnic, multi-disability, multi-background, multi-age, close to gender balanced, LGBTQ-friendly group.

Impressed with David Stuart's book, Web Metrics for Library and Information Professionals